Zephyr Buddha Competition-Style RDA

The Zephyr Buddha is a 28.5mm RDA built on the same deck as the Fat Buddha RDA.  Because of this, all Zephyr and Fat Buddha pieces are interchangeable.  The Zephyr has 36 1.4mm air holes as well as the negative post air flow control.  It features an adjustable airflow (AFC) chuff-style top cap. The Zephyr comes in Stainless, Copper and Black.


If you are a retailer and would like to carry the Zephyr Buddha in your retail store, email us by clicking the link below.



The Zephyr Buddha RDA (Version 1.2) specs:

  • 26650-style 28.5mm diameter
  • Adjustable Airflow Chuff-Style Cap
  • Copper 510 connection
  • 2mm deck air hole
  • 2mm Post Holes – enough room to fit almost any regular and sub-ohm builds
  • 4mm juice canal inside deck – channel sits well below the deck air holes to prevent leakage