The war on the vaping industry is just plain out of control.  The basis on which we as a society are being discriminated against is unbelievable, but the rules against which we can or cannot advertise a legitimate business, has gone too far.


Let me start first as vapers.  Yes we come in all shapes, colors, sizes and ages.  We have as large of a variety of preferences as we do the choices we can make with the enormous amount of products on the market.  Some of us take our role in this emerging trend with great responsibility and there are others who feel it is already their right to infringe on others by not being respectful in public.  What I’m trying to say is we are all different.


There are many reasons why people want to control this industry from financial gain to public health, but what everyone fails to realize is, for the most part, this technology has the ability to potentially save billions of peoples lives and generate trillions of dollars in potential revenue for small business.  When small business succeeds, our country succeeds because it allows people to invest in themselves.  Not to mention our economy grows because of the jobs, tourism and taxes that these businesses would generate.


As consumers, these devices are 100% proven to help people,who want a cigarette alternative, to reduce the amount of regular tobacco cigarettes they smoke, and, in may cases, quit smoking entirely.  There is even more anecdotal evidence that would suggest people who quit smoking and start vaping not only improve their respiratory health (the harm that comes from smoking tobacco), but are also able to decrease the amount of nicotine they need on a daily basis.


These facts right here are more than enough to call vaping a modern medical cure – or at least an innovation that could potentially save peoples lives and save the country billions in health care costs.  But let’s not stop there, there is direct opposition to these devices from people who are as passionate about stopping it as we are about saving it.  Tobacco harm reduction is not often acknowledged by these groups.  There is little to no existing side affects caused by helping people stop something so dangerous that it will kill them and move to something currently reported by top medical groups in the UK as 95% safer than inhaling combustible tobacco.  But the side affects of all of the pharmaceutical drugs being prescribed and pushed through the FDA on a daily basis (that these people approve of), have WORSE side affects than the problem they are intended to cure.


Like they say, if you aren’t with me, you’re against me. So, yeah, as a consumer, we are being horse-whipped into Big Tobacco’s pockets by our politicians and law makers.  They are siding with the worst of two evils.


But that’s just on the consumer’s side.  The people that support the small business mom & pop vape shops.  Because let’s be honest, right now, that’s the majority of your local retail presence.  Sure there are some families with money to invest and open franchise stores and multiple high-end locations, but for the most part, shop owners are people who discovered a passion for vaping because it helped them quit smoking.  Just like the people who lose a bunch of weight become the spokesperson of the latest diet craze.  These are the people being affected by this squeeze, not the consumer.  The consumer has the fear that one day these products may not be legal, but they will do what they already do and buy online.  But the business owner that has invested everything they have to start something that they believe in – those are the true victims in this game.


Here’s a perfect example.  Facebook, one of the largest social media platforms in our day, reaches millions and millions of people across the world.  They wont let me tell you about my business.  Hell, with just the name “Zootie’s Vapors”, I can’t even promote fluffy kittens and cute puppies.  If I wanted to boost a post I made about supporting our veterans, it would be flagged for inappropriate content.  To make it worse, you do this enough times and they irreversibly disable your ability to boost ANY post ever again.  And don’t bother to dispute this because they are worse than Soup Nazi: “No Facebook Boost For You!”


Here’s an example of how Facebook will even dangle that dollar in your face like the old fisherman in the Allstate commercial:




Wait, it gets better.  Now Google is also jumping on the shit-sandwich bandwagon.  I tried to give them money to run an ad to promote my business.  Here is what I got in return:



When looking further into their ad guidelines, here is what I found as it relates to vaping (pay special attention to the last section in regards to electronic cigarettes):



Yes, that’s right.  Google doesn’t allow ANY item that would SIMULATE smoking.  Is it me, or does anyone else find this entirely disturbing?  With that logic, we would need to ban those little candy cigarettes, pens, or just the act of putting our fingers up to our mouth and “simulating” a drag.


Electronic cigarettes have exactly 3 things in common with tobacco cigarettes: 1)You emit a visual plume when you inhale and exhale, 2) They can be cylindrical in shape, and 3) They (may) contain nicotine.  What other two completely different items share at least 3 characteristics?  A softball might have 3 things in common with a meatball, but I am only going to eat one of them with spaghetti and sauce.  I’m sure we could sit here and come up with at least a dozen more comparisons in the next 15 minutes.


I could go on, but really, what’s the point?  I think you know where I stand on this one.


Thanks again for reading…