Team Zootie’s

Zootie’s Vapors prides itself on being #1 in customer service.  We are committed to maintaining a higher standard in the vaping industry and we hope it’s obvious the moment you step in our shop.  Meet the people who make us the best in the business:

Corporate Officers:

Eric “Zootie” – Owner & Proprietor


The nickname “Zootie” has an interesting European backstory, but Eric used vaping to quit smoking 5 years ago and has been cigarette free for more than 2 years.  After discovering the joy of product reviews and Vaperz Cloud distribution, he opened his first vape retail store in Paeonian Springs, followed by a second in historic downtown Leesburg Virginia.  Most recently he opened a third shop in Hagerstown Maryland making Zootie’s a multiple state brand.  He is active in the community through advocacy by being the Outreach Coordinator for the SFATA-VA chapter, regularly posting product reviews and hosting an after-hours vapecentric podcast, as well as promoting local community social events.  He is passionate about promoting vaping as a tobacco harm reduction option, helping others discover a smoke-free experience.  Outside of the business, he is a pinball and motorcycle enthusiast and loves hoppy craft beer and live local music.


Regional Operations Managers:

Bryan – Regional Shop Manager & Rockstar


Bryan is an institution at our Paeonian Springs (Fog Cabin) location.   When he’s not at the vape shop, you can find him shredding the guitar on stage with his band, Digital Collapse.


Sales Associates:

 Brent – Hagerstown Customer Service & Competitive Vape Tricker


Brent is focused on helping you find the best products at Zootie’s..

Trey – Leesburg Customer Service & Hip Hop Artist


When Trey isn’t kicking it at the Paeonian Springs store, he is laying down dope rhymes as an independent music artist.  Check out his music HERE.


Mascots (Unpaid Interns):



Garrett is strictly a volunteer at Zootie’s which means since he is not technically a paid employee, if you need a coil built, juice mixed, or any other service the FDA will not let us perform, he can!


Mooshi (Vape Shop Pup)


Part Sharpei, Part Pug, All Cute!  She is Zootie’s traveling companion and fierce guardian.


Vaping Gorilla

The Vaping Gorilla can be spotted causing chaos during Zootie’s Vapors events and special promotions.  The monkey in the suit changes, but the antics ensue.  Throw him a banana or a coconut vape and he’ll be your best friend.  It’s nothing but monkey business when this guy is around.