Support Advocacy and Legislative Actions to Protect Electronic Cigarettes

Recently published FDA Deeming regulations have the potential to decimate the vaping and e-cigarette industry.  With the way they are written, within the next 2-3 years, 99% of all electronic cigarette and vaping devices, liquids and accessories will be illegal and off the market.  They are imposing an extremely costly premarket tobacco application process on each and every variation of every product in existence since 2007.  Small businesses, now classified as “tobacco manufacturers” will be forced to spend millions of dollars without the guarantee that their product will even be approved.  This is a huge win for Big Pharma and Big Tobacco and a HUGE blow to the vaping industry.


We all need to rally together and support the organizations that can take action for us.  If we all band together as one, we have a better success than everyone scrambling around.  Zootie’s Vapors is taking our role in this very seriously.  In addition to helping organize a local SFATA VA chapter, we are fundraising to support the larger vaping advocacy organizations.  Among them are CASAA, SFATA, VSFA, and to name a few.


100% of your donations will go directly to these organizations to help us fight this war against vaping.


The time is now.  The FDA doesnt want you to vape.  The states want the tobacco tax revenue that has been on the decline as more people are choosing e-cigarettes over traditional tobacco.  Big Tobacco and Big Pharma want you to buy their products.  We need to let our voices be heard and fight the existing regulations. In the very least, we need to get HR 2058 passed and permanently change the predicate date from 2007 to 2016, so we can keep the existing products on the market.


Please consider making a donation to help us fund these organizations.  It is not cheap to hire lawyers and lobbyists to help get our message to the right people.  They need all the support we can give them so we can continue to have an effective alternative to tobacco harm and help others have a choice when looking to quit smoking.

Thank you!

Eric “Zootie” Sutton
Zootie’s Vapors LLC