Kangertech TOPBOX Mini Specs:

  • 75 Watts
  • Temperature Control
  • Nickel wire
  • Titanium Wire
  • Stainless Steel Wire
  • Nichrome Wire
  • Top-fill Tank
  • Compatible with all Kangertech OCC coils

For a long time I have been a HUGE fan of Kangertech products. They last, are easy to fix, reasonably priced, and frankly are just some of the best products out there. There newest addition to their line of the Subbox line is the Topbox. In all appearances the Topbox is the same as the Subbox Mini/Nano. However Kangertech has added two features which are definitely reasons to chose the Topbox over its predecessor.

One the tank is a top-fill tank. This feature has been finding its way into more and more tanks as of late and for good reason. The second is Temperature Control which has been showing up in almost every new regulated device to come to the market.

Before we breakdown the new features that the Topbox boasts, a general overview of the device is in order. The device comes as a kit that includes the mod/battery that powers the device, the tank, three coils (0.15 Ni 200, 0.5 SS, 0.5 Clapton), a RBA for those who wish to build their own coils, and a USB charging cable. Awesome, thanks Kangertech! The device can push up to 75 watts and in Temp Mode up to 300 degrees Celsius or 600 degrees Fahrenheit. In order to power the device a single 18650 is needed. The device can be charged through the micro USB port below the controls of the device and can be vaped while charging. There are four color options available as of now for the Topbox Mini: White, Black, Red, and Platinum.

The size of the Topbox makes it perfect for everyday use in all environments. Its small enough to fit inside a pocket or purse and fits great in the hand. I think of these setups as stealth mods due to the ability to get them into anywhere, concerts, bars, etc, without drawing attention to yourself.

Having a top-fill tank boosts the convince factor of a device dramatically. Less parts to unscrew, less mess, less chance of breaking the glass. The top-fill on the tank unscrews which is, in my humble opinion, the best way to do a top-fill system. Less chance of leaking and losing parts.

As for Temperature Control the Topbox meets the standard. Able to fire Titanium, Nickel, Stainless Steel, or Nichrome it pretty much covers all of the bases needed for todays wire types. The range is also the market standard. 100-300 degrees Celsius, 200-600 degrees Fahrenheit. For those who don’t know what Temperature Control is, its the device regulating the range of temperature which the coil can heat up to. The Topbox does a superb job of this and is both accurate and consistent something to always look for in a Temp Control mod.

A quick word on the cons of the device of which I only have one. The kit does not include an extra glass, which I feel is an important part of the kit that Kangertech should have included. However extra glass is available most everywhere including Zootie’s Vapors!

Finally the price of the device also makes it jump out. Here at Zootie’s Vapors the Topbox’s price point is $100. For what you get in the Kit and the new features of the device the price is right!

If I was recommending a device for someone just quitting smoking I will and always do start with this device. As I said before Kangertech consistently puts out quality product that stand the test of time. Would I buy one for myself? Absolutely. No doubt. When (notice I say when rather than if) I want a new stealthy setup the Topbox will fill that gap in my collection.

Review courtesy of contributing editor, Gabe Lukasiak – January 2016