Customer Testimonials

I asked our customers to provide feedback on how I was doing as a business owner and how our shops were supporting their vaping needs.  Below is a collection (a work in progress) of those actual responses.

If you have done business with Zootie’s Vapors, please take a moment to complete our CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY.  Good or bad, we want to know how we are doing.

On 1/20/15 Tony H. from Ohio wrote:
“Zootie’s Vapors provided excellent, authentic pieces, at incredible prices. As a vape-store owner, I expect to pay a little extra for true, authentic pieces, as long as the pieces are quality.  The quality and Craftsmanship of every item purchased from Zootie’s Vapors has been top notch! I have customers wanting more, and will be placing many more orders to accommodate those customers. Everything I have ever purchased from Zootie’s Vapors has been excellent quality, and dealing with Eric has been a pleasure every time! If you are reading this and are on the fence whether to purchase from Zootie’s Vapors or not, take my advice and make the purchase; you will NOT be disappointed!”

On 1/21/15 Jason L. from Utah wrote:
“Your attention to your emails is fantastic. I hate having an issue or question with a company and ether never getting a response or getting one days after. You have always been very prompt and courteous in multi communications that we’ve had. I had an issue with my center posts on my 2 Fat Buddha’s v.1. Instead of getting bent over for a replacement deck, you fairly sold me replacements at $7 a piece. You could have made me spend another $50 to buy a new buddha all together. Because of how you’ve done business with me, it made me think about the Hammer of God and the incredible deal you were giving and the quality; so I emailed you and asked for my new shiny toy to be invoiced. No muss or fuss about it, you did so quickly and politely. Nothing says more to me about a business and the owner then standing by your products that you sell. You are very courteous and understand who keeps you in business and why that matters. I show all my friends your site and the products you have. I get my local vape shop to look into all the newest badass stuff you have and provide.”

On 1/21/15 Josh H. from Michigan wrote:
“Keep up the super fast service and the awesome products. Will always recommend you guys.”

On 3/10/15 Shannon B. from Wisconsin wrote:
“The purchase process was easy peasy! Customer service is excellent! They really stand behind their products and fix any issues immediately! The quality is awesome! I have been using the Fat Buddha everyday for the past 6 months or so. It is a solid RDA. The screws have never stripped. I’ve never had an issue with the center post spinning. Zephyr Buddha has the same high quality as does the Hammer of God box. I can tell that great time and care went into the design and production of these products. I am a huge supporter of this company and their products because the quality is so good..”

On 9/15/15 Brianna D. from Virginia wrote:
“I love this place! You guys are so helpful. I will always bring my business here when i’m in town. You guys have so much juice & such a large selection of everything. A+ :)”

On 9/15/15 Nicole J. from Virginia wrote:
“This vape shop is actually one of my favorites in the area. The staff are extremely friendly and have awesome personalities. As soon as you walk in you can tell it’s going to be a wonderful experience. I have always found Zootie’s products to be of high quality. Thanks for just being awesome.”

On 9/15/15 Mike D. from West Virginia wrote:
“Zootie and his staff are always attentive to their customer’s needs. Everyone is very friendly and approachable.”

On 9/15/15 Chris V. from Maryland wrote:
“Awesome service, great juice.”

On 9/15/15 Wyatt D. from Virginia wrote:
“Products are cheaper here than any other store I have visited and Zootie’s Vapors always provides great quality at a decent price. Love this store! Great atmosphere, very community-like feel to it, especially during their fun parties/events. This is the only vape shop where the staff remembers me and asks me if I like the previous product that I bought. Great store!! Wish more people knew about how great this place is!”

On 9/16/15 Chris D. from Virginia wrote:
“Been to many shops in the area since starting to vape, Zootie’s is the only shop to not only meet , but exceed my expectations as a full service, friendly, helpful, relaxing, down to earth, attitude free destination for all my vaping needs. Zootie’s is the only shop I will go to now, thanks!!”

On 9/16/15 Austin L. from Virginia wrote:
“Great atmosphere and good customer service.”

On 9/16/15 Kenneth D. from Virginia wrote:
“Very enjoyable experience, I learned a lot about the products I was buying that day. Easy check out. I enjoy the shop because you only sell high quality products. The selection of juices are top of the line. Fully knowledgeable of all the juices they carry; I give more credit to a recommendations from you than other places.  It’s nice to see the people who work there using the products they sell (boxes, RDAs & Juice). I didn’t feel like I was being talked down to for not knowing about something. No heavy sales pressure. Laid back atmosphere.”

On 11/17/15 Ryan O. from Virginia wrote:
“Best shops around the area. Always my go to shop, knowledgeable staff and great options. Please keep actively acquiring the best juice lines, you guys always have something new and it’s always excellent! Excellent business overall!”

On 12/27/15 Zack S. from Virginia wrote: “Professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. The staff at Zootie’s is exceptional! By far, the most comfortable shopping experience I have had at a vape shop (or many other stores for that matter). Zootie, the owner, is often on premises with his pup, Mooshi who greets you when you walk in. They have an outstanding menu that features mostly local juice. Zootie not only supports local juicers, but also sells only diacetyl-free juice at a price that is right for the consumer. Everything there is geared towards the customer, from the comfy leather sofas to the individual taster decks with disposable drip tips. For me, there is no other worthwhile vape shop in Loudoun county.”

On 2/20/16 Felix C. from Virginia wrote: I was brand new into vaping (still am) and Trey is awesome and full of knowledge. No pressure and the store has great e liquids at a good price.  I would definitely recommend this shop to anyone getting into vaping or thinking about it.”

On 4/12/16 Kenneth S. from Virginia wrote: “I started vaping about a month ago to quit tobacco, and this place was recommended by a friend at work. Right from the start, these guys were awesome getting me going and comfortable with the set-up. Customer service here is really A++, Trey and Bryan have helped me out a ton, but everyone who’s been behind the counter every single time I’ve walked in have been super friendly and very welcoming. I love supporting local business, so if you’re near-by, this is a truly superb place to shop. Thank you Zooties!!”