Concentrated Nicotine Solution Packets

Never vape the wrong nic level ever again!

Don’t you just hate it when your favorite vape shop is sold out of a flavor in your nicotine level?  How easy would it be to buy juice without having to worry about that ever again?


With our Concentrated Nicotine Solution packets, you can easily bring any zero mg e-liquid up to your desired nicotine level in as little as 13 drops (half packet).


Bought a lower nicotine juice but need more kick?  Simply add a few drops and quickly bring that bottle up higher level.

Don’t need a lot?  Replace the cap and save the rest for future use.


Concentrated Nicotine packets are perfect for people who want to accurately and safely regulate their nicotine delivery, regardless of the juice brand or flavor.  Each packet mixes quickly and precisely in 30ml or 60ml without any peppery taste or significant throat burn.  The nicotine is the highest quality available packaged in easy to use vials and comes in a child-proof container, complete with the necessary warning labels and directions.


We will mix everything right in front of you and make sure you are educated on the product.  Safety and responsibility is our number one goal.

Take control of your nicotine and expand your juice flavor experience!  Stop by one of our TWO retail locations to learn more.


DISCLAIMER:  Our trained staff will mix the solution at the point of sale.  This product is not sold separately to ensure proper mixing & safe nicotine levels.  For anyone concerned about nicotine toxicity, please read the two articles below. The government is doing its best to demonize nicotine so we want to get the right information out there.  If you have any questions or comments, I ask that you contact us directly.






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