Zootie’s Vapors has the largest selection of vape gear at honest prices. All of our products are high-quality, authentic, and come from companies we know and trust.

Let our friendly and helpful staff walk you through what we have to offer.  We provide education, support and advice on just about any device on the market.  Please note that due to the FDA Deeming Regulations that went into effect on August 8th, we can no longer build coils, change cotton, repair or assist with repairing any device.  We also are unable to physically help you set up starter kits.  We can however walk you through the process so that you are comfortable and able to operate your device safely and effectively.

Actual inventory changes frequently and will vary based on availability, however these are some of the products you will find at Zootie’s Vapors:

Drip Tips:
Nolli Designs Mad Hatter Chuff Caps
Various Chuff-style caps

18650 Samsung 25R
18650 LG HE4
18650 LG HG2
18650 MXJO 3000mah
18650 Efest 2900mah
26650 Efest

Nitecore UM10
Nitecore UM20
Efest LUC2
Efest LUC V4
Efest LUC V6
Efest Blu6

Battery Cases:
Silicone 18650 Sleeves
Dual 18650 Case
Quad 18650 Case
Quad 18650 Battery Caddy

Build Supplies:
Stanley Screwdriver Kit
Hakko Wire Cutters
Coilmaster Build Kit
Coil Jig
Cotton Bacon V2
Cotton Bacon Bits

Kanthal A1 100ft
Ni200 Nickel 100ft
Cloudzilla Comp Wire 10ft
Immolation Comp Wire 10ft
Mad Rabbit Comp Wire
Trip Wire
Anarchist Comp Wire
Twisted Clapton Wire
Weaved Wire
Twisted Wire
Various Specialty Coils

Zootie’s Swag:
Snapback Hats
Fitted Caps