Zootie’s Vapors is Maryland’s Premier Vapor Shop

 Zootie’s Vapors is Maryland’s

Premier Vapor Shop

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Open Letter to Dr Sahar Halabi of Chicago

This is my open letter to Dr Sahar Halabi of Chicago Illinois in response to the following statement she made recently with the American Lung Association (ALA). Hello Dr Halabi. I am writing you...

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The FDA is threatening to BAN over 99.9% of the current flavors and devices on the market today.  We have until August 10th, 2016 to start complying with new regulations.  Some of the things we are already doing, such as preventing access to children under the age of 18, but as of this date, we will no longer be able to build coils for RDAs or provide free samples of e-liquid with nicotine.  After August 10th, 2018, most all manufacturers of e-liquid and hardware will need to go through a Pre Market Tobacco process that involves lengthy studies and reports that will cost a minimum of $300,000 per item variant.  Even if this is done, it still doesnt guarantee the product will be approved.

As consumers and business owners, we need to act now and continue to let our voices be heard in support of BOTH HR2058 and the Cole-Bishop Amendment.  Both of these pieces of legislation would push back the predicate (grandfather) date from February 2007 to sometime closer to today (2015-2016).  Doing this will allow products introduced between then and now, to stay on the market and available for those of us who currently vape, and also allow people to continue using electronic cigarettes to quit smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes.

We are very active in the fight and we are asking for help to support our national and local advocacy groups.
We are taking donations both in our stores and also online for CASAA, SFATA, and NotBlowingSmoke.org

Together we can Fight for our Right to Vape!